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About Us

The Rehbar Foundation (Regd.) was established in 2008 by a group of well known Doctors, Educationists & Social Figures, who were motivated by a strong spirit of social responsibilities & commitments. Apart from the Social commitments involved in aims & objectives, the ultimate aim of the society is to establish educational institutes to cater the drastic & challenging needs of the Minorities & other Weaker Sections of Society. Keeping in view the need of the region and to contribute for meaningful employment for girls & minority section of the society & development of Medical, Nursing & Health Education in Punjab, the Foundation established "Rehbar Institute of Medical Sciences at Bhawanigarh" in the year 2008-09 with D.Pharmacy (Ayurvedic) & added GNM & ANM courses in the year 2009-10 and Rehbar Ayurvedic Unani Tibbi Medical College in 2013. Satisfying the core aim of social welfare & responsibility, the Foundation is working for providing remarkable health services to the poor & downtrodden strata of the society specially belonging to rural Punjab. The Foundation has organized free medical check-up camps at various villages of the area and free medicines have also been distributed to the needy patients.

  • 20+ Courses
  • Well Maintained Hospital
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Rehbar Ayurvedic & Unani Tibbi Medical College Offers a wide range of courses in Ayurveda and the medical stream. The college has been awarded for many achievements over the years. With its awesome campus, clean environment, and advanced technology-enabled classes, Rehbar Ayurvedic College has become a leading college in India.

I'm glad that i've studied and graduated from Rehbar ayurvedic & Unani tibbi medical college at bhawanigarh. Such a great place to study and grow my knowledge. Great Overall experience.
Dhruv Rathee
Student, RAUTMC



Approved Courses

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the prescribed training and subsequent qualification in Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine, a practitioner shall

  • Be able to obtain and record patient information by performing a complete roga-rogi pariksha (history and physical assessment) in an empathetic fashion, including
  • Prashna and Panchendriya Pariksha (History taking, Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, and Auscultation)
  • Ashtavidha Pariksha (Eight-Point Disease Assessment)
  • Dashavidha Pariksha (Ten-Point Patient Assessment)
  • Shadanga Pariksha (General Physical Examination)
  • Sroto Pariksha (Complete Systemic Examination)


  • Exhibit proficiency in modifying patient interviews and examinations based on the circumstances, including the ability to review patient history and physical examination.
  • Apply knowledge in clinical settings to assess the acuity of illness by recognizing patients with life-threatening conditions.
  • Demonstrate skill in preventive health and health promotion.

    Demonstrate disease risk assessment in the areas of :

  • Nutrition, dietary, and life-style management
  • Tri-doshic imbalance reduction
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through health behavior assessment and counseling
  • Demonstrate awareness regarding the implications of patient’s prakruti alterations in disease progression
  • Appreciate the Ayurvedic practitioner’s role in taking care of community health


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