New Pre – Tib One Year Course
PRE – TIB  COURSE  : One Year course for admission Main course of BUMS.

Duration of Courses : One Year

Total Sanctioned seat : 10 Seats

Eligibility to Pre – Tib  : A candidate seeking admission to one year Pre – Tib Course must have passed –

(a)The oriental qualifications  equivalent to Intermediate Examination(!0+2) as a specified in the  Table below

List of Oriental qulification in Arabic Persian equivalent to Higher Secondary or Intermediate or 12th Standard for the purpose of admission to Pre-Tib course of the Unani degree course
S.No. Name of Institution Qualification
1. Lucknow University Fazil-e Adab or Fazil-e Tafseer
2. Darul-Uloom. Nadvatul-Ulma, Lucknow Fazil
3. Darul-Uloom. Deoband, Distt. Saharanpur Fazil
4. Al-Jameat-ul Salfiah, Markazi Darul-Uloom, Varanasi Fazil
5. Board of Arabic and Persian Examination, Uttar Pradesh Allahbad or Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow Fazil
6. Madarsa Faize Aam, Mau Nath Bhanjan, Azamgarh (U.P) Fazil
7. Darul Hadees, Mau Nath Bhanjan, Azamgarh (U.P) Fazil
8. Jameat-ul-Falah, Bilaria Ganj, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
9. Darul Uloom Ashrafia Misbahul Uloom, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
10. Jamia Sirajul Uloom, Bondhiyar, Gonda (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
11. Jamia Farooquia, Sabrabad, via Shahganj, Distt-Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
12. Madras University Adeeb-e-Fazil
13. Darul Uloom Arabic College Meerut City (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
14. Madarsa Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
15. Government Madrasa-E- Alia, Rampur Fazil
16. Al-Jamiatul Islamiya, Noor Bagh, Thane, Mumbai Fazil
17. Al-Jamiat-ul Mohammediya, Mansoora, Malegaon Fazil
18. Al-Jamiatul Islamia Is-hat-ul-Uloom, Akkalkuan, Distt. Dhulia Fazil
19. Bihar Rajya Madarsa Shiksha Board, Patna Fazil
20. Jamia-tus-Salehat, Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
21. Madarsa-tul-Islah, Saraimir, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
22. Jamia Darus Salam, Malerkotla (Punjab) Fazil
23. Khairul Uloom, Al-Jamiatul Islamia, Domaria Ganj, Distt-Siddharth Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
24. Madarsa Darul Huda, Yusufpur, via Naugarh, Distt-Siddharth Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) Fazil
25. Jamia Islamia Almahad Okhla, New Delhi or Jamia Islamia Sanabil, Abul Fazal Enclave – II, New Delhi Fazil
26. Darul Uloom Arabiyyah Islamia, post Kantharia, Bharuch (Gujarat) Fazil
27. Darul Uloom Rashida, Nagpur Fazil
(b) The oriental qualifications equivalent to Intermediate Examination (10+2) recognized by State Government or State Education Board concerned.


Courses Approved
BACHELOR OF UNANI MEDICINE & SURGERY (BUMS) : 5½  Year Course including one year rotatory internship

Duration of Courses :- Five Years and Six months

Total Sanctioned seat : Fifty  (50)  for UG Course (BUMS)